Introduction of CE standard and CE certification of resilient floor series (rubber floor)

2020-06-15 10:15:36 nsn

Introduction of CE standard and CE certification of resilient floor series (rubber floor)

Floor coverings made of rubber are also known as rubber or elastomer floor coverings. The main ingredients are high-quality natural and / or synthetic rubber, natural filler materials (chalk FL stone), environmentally compatible color pigments and additives for vulcanization process. Due to their flexibility, rubber flooring does not require any plasticizers, and in resilient flooring, they are non PVC.

Although there are coating products on the market, due to the closed and dense surface of the rubber floor, it is not necessary to coat it naturally. This product has the form of board, tile and board. They can have smooth or structured surfaces.

The rubber floor is very strong and durable, with wear resistance and cigarette burning resistance, and will not be affected by the short-term impact of grease. Because of these performance standards, they apply to frequently visited commercial and industrial areas, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, or electrostatic protection areas (EPA).

The product category also has excellent ergonomic and acoustic characteristics, and can even provide a variety of colors, patterns and structures according to customer requirements. As a result, it will also be selected by other business areas, such as

Hospital, such as entrance area, corridor, ward, operating room


Kindergarten and school

Shops and stores

Public buildings, such as museums, airports

Transportation, such as train, ship, oil platform

Products entering the international market need to pass the following tests and certification:

En14041: fireproof, antiskid, formaldehyde, en13501-1 evaluation, etc!!

VOC VOC emissions to indoor air:

EN ISO 16000, floor meets the high standard of emission of harmful substances in the family / living environment, column a + level.

Floor score: floor score's inspection of products is based on Ca 01350 standard, including the concentration standard of long-term exposure reference level (CRE) developed by California Office of environmental health hazard assessment (OEHHA) and the inspection method developed by US Environmental Protection Agency. It is assumed that the products detected in an office or classroom may contain organic volatile compounds, and the products certified by floorscore shall not exceed 1 / 2 of the concentration limit.

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