POHS detection

2020-06-15 10:14:24 nsn

It is reported that Norway requires a ban on the use of certain harmful substances in consumer products( PoHS:Prohibition on  Certain hazardous substances in consumer products) is proposed to be adopted on December 15, 2007 and will take effect on January 1, 2008.

The ban will be abbreviated to POHS for your reference. "POHS" is similar to the European ROHS directive in appearance, and this new standard covers a larger area than RoHS. It covers almost all consumer goods (with a few exceptions). Although the legislation only applies to Norway, it is undoubtedly likely to become the "RoHS" standard for electrical and electronic products exported to Europe. Because very few companies produce a specific product for a single market, unless you don't plan to sell it to Norway.

POHS includes not only electronic and electrical consumer goods, but also clothes, bags, buildings, toys, etc. The new regulation proposes to limit 18 substances, only 2 of which (lead and cadmium) are contained in the EU ROHS directive, and 16 substances are prohibited from use.

18 substances are listed as follows:

1. Hbcdd: hexabromocyclododecane

2. TBBPA: tetrabromobisphenol A

3、 C14-C17  MCCP:14-17 Carbochlorinated paraffin

4. As: Arsenic and its compounds

5. Pb: lead and its compounds

6. CD: cadmium and its compounds

7. TBT: tributyltin

8. TPT: triphenyltin

9. DEHP: Dihexyl phthalate

10. Pentachlorophenol: pentachlorophenol

11. Musk xylene

12. Musk ketone: musk

13. Dtdmac: bis (hydrogenated tallow alkyl) dimethylamine chloride

14. DODMAC / dsdmac: Distearyl dimethylamine chloride

15. Dhtdmac: dimethylamine chloride

16. Bisphenol A (BPA): bisphenol A, i.e. bisphenol propane

17. PFOA: ammonium perfluorooctate

18. Triclosan: triclosan, i.e. trichlorohydroxydiphenyl ether