Compulsory scope of CE certification directive

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New method instruction

1、 Range of instructions that must be CE marked

Instruction name

Instruction number and relevant coordination standard number

Scope of application

Product examples

Low voltage equipment

Low Voltage



It is designed to use electrical equipment with rated voltage of AC 50V to 1000V and DC 75V to 1500V

Simple pressure vessel

Simple Pressure Vessels


Series of simple pressure vessels

Valves, pumps, etc

Toy safety

Safety of toys


Any product or material for children under the age of 14

Plastic toys, electric toys, etc

Building products

Construction products


Any product produced for permanent incorporation in construction works (including buildings and civil works)

Floor, tile, tile, partition board, ceiling, glass, doors, windows and hardware, road traffic equipment, cement

electromagnetic compatibility 

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)



Electrical appliances that may cause electromagnetic disturbance or whose performance may be affected by such disturbance





A machine consisting of several connected parts or accessories, at least one of which can move

All kinds of mechanical products

Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE)


1. A device or appliance used for wearing on or carried by a person to prevent one or more health and safety hazards;

2. The unit composed of several devices or appliances by the manufacturer to prevent one or potential coexisting multiple hazards;

3. A combined personal protective device or appliance worn on or carried by a person, whether or not detachable, with personal non protective equipment for the purpose of carrying out special activities;

4. Basic interchangeable parts for realizing its functions or special interchangeable parts for the equipment

Protective glasses, masks, masks, respirators, helmets, earplugs, earmuffs, gloves, wrist guards, safety boots, knee pads, protective clothing, high altitude landing protective equipment, swimming buoyancy equipment

Non automatic weighing equipment

Non-automatic weighing instruments


Weighing equipment requiring operator's participation in weighing process

Active implantable medical equipment

Active implantable medical devices


Medical devices that perform their functions through power supply or other energy sources, rather than directly driven by human body or gravity. "Active implantable medical device" refers to any active medical device that can be implanted into the human body in whole or in part by internal or surgical means, or inserted into the hole of the human body by medical means, and is intended to remain in the human body after this process

Gas appliances

Appliances burning gaseous fuels


1. Equipment

2. Accessories

Gas stoves, etc

Efficiency requirements of new type hot water boiler burning liquid and gas fuel

Efficiency requirements for new hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels


1. Combined boiler body components

2. Equipment

Civil Explosives

Explosives for civil uses


Those materials or articles identified in the United Nations proposal for the transport of dangerous goods and belonging to category I of the proposal

medical apparatus and instruments

Medical devices


Medical devices and their accessories

Equipment and protection systems for potentially explosive atmospheres

Equipment explosive atmospheres (ATEX)


1. Equipment and protection system used in potentially explosive environment;

2. Safety equipment, control equipment and regulating equipment of the protection system used outside the potentially explosive environment but required or responsible for the safety function of the equipment and for the risk of explosion

Recreational yacht

Recreational craft


Any type of ship with a total length of 2.5m to 24m, regardless of the propulsion method

Speedboat, etc




Lifts and safety components for use in permanent buildings and construction

Freight elevator, human elevator, etc

Pressure equipment

Pressure equipment


Pressure equipment and components with maximum withstand pressure higher than 0.5 bar. "Pressure equipment" means vessels, pipes, safety parts and pressure parts

In vitro diagnostic medical devices

In vitro diagnostic medical devices


Any medical device used for in vitro detection of samples (including blood and tissue) from human body

Radio and wire terminal equipment

Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment and the Mutual Recognition of their Conformity


1. Telecommunication terminal equipment

2. Radio equipment

Cableway device for carrying passengers

Cableway installations designed to carry persons


1. Cable cars and other equipment pulled by one or more cables with vehicles mounted on wheels or other suspension devices. 2. The cable car for lifting and / or moving the cabin by one or more transportation cables, including the pod and chair crane. 3. The user's traction lift is pulled by cable through appropriate equipment

Measuring instrument

Measuring instruments


Measuring instruments

2、 New method directive or global policy directive without CE mark

Instruction name

Instruction number and relevant coordination standard number

Scope of application

Product examples

Packaging and packaging waste

Packaging and packaging waste


All packaging and all packaging waste put into the common internal market

Product packaging cartons, cartons, wooden frames, film boxes, plastic bags, bubble bags, foam, PolyOne, fixed appliances, sheets, ropes, paints, inks, tapes, glues, harnesses, labels, instructions