En-14904 - New European standard for sports floor (324)

2020-06-15 09:51:24 nsn

In the past few decades, several different national standards have been applied across the EU.

Since January 2007, new standards have been set for all countries and the EU.

Since July 2008, new minimum standards will replace all local standards. Although sports federations and other funding may set the highest standards.

Since January 1, 2007, the new indoor multi-purpose floor. The standard is effective, and the minimum standard of sports performance and counting performance for sports floor is determined. Safety standard is the most concerned standard of all sports floor. Before July 2008, countries can continue to use the previous standards to evaluate the sports floor. The European multi-functional sports floor standard is called en14904, and the British standard is BS en14904. According to the surface requirements of indoor sports floor, three schemes are formulated. It should be noted that the essential characteristics and technical charts must be indicated on the outer package.