CE certification of ceiling

2020-06-06 21:27:36 nsn

1. What is the ceiling CE mark?

CE mark is a compulsory certification mark for some products in the European market in terms of basic health and safety requirements. The European Commission has established basic requirements for suspended ceilings, and the standards are coordinated throughout the European economic region.

All ceiling manufacturers in Europe or outside of Europe must meet the requirements of CE marking after January 1, 2005 to make their products available in the European market. Therefore, European consumers believe that CE mark is a symbol of product performance and quality assurance.

2. Introduction of ceiling CE certification

Suspended ceilings must be CE marked when placed on the European market. The products include suspended ceiling (including lamps and other features) sold as a complete set of tools, as the basis of sales of the set of tools, and individual parts (products) and membrane parts of these bases.

CE marked products are en 13964, including test methods, evaluation methods and conformity evaluation clauses of products. This standard covers the basic requirements:

-Fire resistance

-Fire resistance (ceiling kit only)

-Asbestos and formaldehyde release (ceiling kits and membrane components)

-Crushing characteristics (only for fragile membrane elements)

-Bending strength test

-Current safety

-Sound absorption (ceiling kits and membrane components only)

-Heat transfer (ceiling suspended only)

From January 1, 2005, floor products exported to Europe must be CE marked.

3. Steps for CE certification of ceiling

In general, applicants submit application forms to our company - our engineers analyze product materials and determine applicable standards - applicants sign agreements with our company - applicants submit samples to authorized laboratories according to standards and agreements - Laboratories test products, issue reports and certificates - manufacturers paste CE marks according to test results