CE certification of thermal insulation materials

2020-06-06 21:26:12 nsn

(natural stone CE certification, granite CE certification, marble CE certification, cultural stone CE certification, sintered brick CE certification)

1. What is stone CE mark

CE mark is a compulsory certification mark for some products in the European market in terms of basic health and safety requirements. The European Commission has set basic requirements for stone materials, and the standards are coordinated throughout the European economic region.

After September 1, 2005, all stone manufacturers in or outside Europe must meet the requirements of CE mark to make the products available in the European market. Therefore, European consumers believe that CE mark is a symbol of product performance and quality assurance.

2. What are the standards of stone CE certification

EN 1341: describes the requirements for natural stone slab for outdoor laying. The width of the product is more than 150 mm, and usually twice the thickness.

EN 1342: describes the requirements for natural stone (cubic) for outdoor laying. The horizontal dimension is from 50 to 300 mm and the thickness is at least 50 mm.

EN 1343: describes the requirements of natural stone slates for outdoor laying. The length of slates is more than 300 mm, which is used to describe the outline of traffic area.

EN 12057: describes the requirements for flat modular blocks of natural stone for floors, stairs, walls and ceilings. Natural stone with side length ≤ 610mm and thickness ≤ 12mm.

EN 12058: describes slabs for stairs and floor coverings. Thickness is required to be greater than 12mm.

EN 12326-1: roof slate - product specifications

EN 12467: fiber cement flat sheet product specifications and test methods

EN 771: specifications of masonry units

Generally speaking, the test items of stone bricks include: compression strength, freezing test, antiskid, water absorption, lead and cadmium release, rock analysis, etc.

3. Process of stone CE certification

Generally, the applicant submits the application form to our company (Shanghai bobbijie equipment testing Technical Service Co., Ltd.) – our engineers analyze the product materials and determine the applicable standards – the applicant signs an agreement with our company – the applicant submits samples to the authorized laboratory according to the requirements of the standards and agreements – the laboratory tests the products and issues reports and certificates – The manufacturer pastes CE mark according to the test results

The company is a European Union authorized professional engaged in stone CE certification company. The company has successfully completed CE certification for more than ten stone factories and trading companies in Xiamen, Guangzhou and other places.