Introduction of CE test, CE certification and standards for resilient flooring

2020-06-06 21:37:00 nsn

Resilient flooring tests and standards:

CE stands for conform é Europ é enne, French for "European conformity". It is a mandatory mark of conformity for many products on the European market. So what does CE mean for manufacturers and traders who put resilient flooring into the European market?

CE mark proves that the product complies with the requirements of the construction product directive (CPR 305 / 2011 / EU) and relevant standards (European harmonized standard EN 14041) in terms of safety, environmental protection, health and consumer protection. In addition, it can reasonably avoid technical barriers to trade freely in the European market and develop other international markets.

From January 1, 2007, all resilient floor coverings entering the European market shall comply with relevant directives and standards, be tested, certified and affixed with CE mark.

CE marking for resilient flooring / CE marking of PVC flooring - directives and harmonized standards:

A. European Directive: direction of construction products (CPR 305 / 2011 / EU)

B. European CE certification for floor coverings - relevant standards

CE certification standard for laminate floor, resilient floor, plastic floor, rubber floor and carpet: en 14041

• solid wood floor CE certification standard: en 14342

• CE certification standard for engineering wood floor, bamboo floor and engineering bamboo floor: en 14342

• CE certification standard for sports floor: en 14904

• CE standard for natural stone flooring: en 12058

• CE standard for artificial stone flooring: en 15285

• CE mark of ceramic tiles: en 1441

• CE standard for raised floor: en12825

Test items:

1、 Reaction to fire - EN 13501-1

2. Pentachlorophenol content - Cen tr14823

3. Formaldehyde emissions - en 717-1

4. Water resistance - en 13553

5. Slip resistance - en 13893

6. Conduct heat if necessary - en 12667

7. Resistance if necessary - en 1815

Application for CE certification for all kinds of flooring - Procedure:

1. Determine product type and submit application.

2. Determine the applicable "directive" that resilient flooring is a building product, so the CPR directive for building products must be followed.

3. Determine applicable "standards".

4. The notified body of the European Union tests a sample of the product.

5. Obtain the test report and certificate issued by the notified body of the European Union.

6. Sign EC "Declaration of conformity".

7. Paste "CE mark" on the product.

8. Free sale in European market.