TL9000 certification
TL9000 certification

TL9000 certification

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TL9000 certification introduction

TL9000 is a quality management standard specially designed for communication industry. It is based on ISO9000 developed by (QUEST), decided by the main representatives of the telecommunications industry, through the development of professional standards and clear objectives of the industry, to achieve the purpose of continuous improvement.

TL9000 is a set of quality management system specially formulated for the communication industry. It takes ISO9001:2000 standard as the basic requirement, plus the general operation of the communication industry, including quality management system and measurement index as the standard basis. In October 1997, the market leader of communication industry established the outstanding quality communication Supplier Association (quiet Forum) to promote the continuous progress of communication industry quality and ensure its service reliability, and later formulated the TL9000 quality system requirements and measurement index draft as the reference standard when selecting suppliers. TL9000 quality system requirements (version 2.5) and TL9000 quality system measurement indicators (version 2.5) formulated in 1999 are used for TL9000 certification review.

In 1987, ISO 9000 standard was established by international organization for standardization. After the standard was released, it has been rapidly promoted and widely recognized in the world, and has become a public standard to measure the level of quality management and quality assurance capability in the world. In the 1990s, three major American automobile companies and aerospace enterprises developed their own special standards QS9000 and as9000 respectively on the basis of ISO9000. With the globalization of telecommunication industry, it has become the common demand of telecommunication enterprises all over the world to set up a unified quality system in this industry. In the spring of 1996, some famous telecommunication service providers led by Bell company proposed to establish a unified quality system standard, and established the quality excellence for suppliers of telecommunications forum in October 1997. The quiet forum is a world forum for cooperation and communication between telecommunication service providers and product manufacturers. Its goal is to unify the quality system standards of all telecommunication industries, and develop and maintain a common TL9000 standard for quality system management of telecommunication industry based on existing standards and practices. The forum is responsible for the formulation, release and revision of this standard, and maintains the consistency of TL9000 and other standards.

TL9000 standard is divided into two parts: quality system requirements and quality system indicators. Quality system requirements establish a set of general quality system requirements for suppliers of telecommunication products (hardware, software and services), which are formulated on the basis of existing industry standards (including ISO9000 international standards); quality system indicators define a series of basic performance indicators to measure and evaluate the operation results of the quality system.

Significance of TL9000 certification

* ensure the use and integrity of communication products and services through the actual benefits of the quality management system

Establish and maintain a set of general quality management system requirements

* establish cost-effectiveness and performance, take measurement indicators as the direction of progress and evaluate the effectiveness of the quality system

* promote continuous improvement

* strengthen the relationship between customers and suppliers

* balance the industry's consistent audit system

※ provide continuous improvement service for users

* strengthen the relationship between customers and suppliers

* unify the quality management system requirements

* effectively manage external and on-site audits

* unified cost and performance metrics

* reduce overall cost and enhance competitiveness

* strengthen management and improve supplier performance

* refer to peers with TL9000 measurement indicators

Structure and application scope of TL9000:

TL9000 standard is divided into two parts and five levels.

The two parts are book one and book two. The quality system requirements are based on iso9001:1994, which adds special requirements for communication electronic product quality system, and puts forward respective requirements for different products (hardware, software and service); the quality system indicators include not only public indicators for all communication electronic product quality systems, but also set up respective requirements for different products (hardware, software and service) Metrics.

The five levels of TL9000 standard are: (see Figure 1)

. the first layer is the requirements of international standard iso9001:1994;

The second layer is the public requirements of the hardware, software and service quality system of the telecommunication industry;

The third layer is the special requirements of hardware, software and service quality system of telecommunication industry;

The fourth layer is the public indicators of the hardware, software and service quality system of the telecommunication industry;

The fifth layer is the special index of hardware, software and service quality system of telecommunication industry;

TL9000 standard is applicable to hardware, software, service quality system and related combination of telecommunication industry. TL9000 certification object can be a complete company, or an organizational unit, device or a defined production line recognized by the supplier and certification agency. The scope of TL9000 certification will be specified in the certificate. There are three different forms of TL9000 certificates:

Tl9000-hw hardware tl9000-sw software tl9000-sc service communication electronic enterprise can apply for any of the above certificates or their related combinations. For example: to apply for a hardware quality system (tl9000-hw) certification, in addition to meeting the ISO9001 standard, TL9000 public requirements and indicators, only to meet the hardware requirements and indicators. The following table specifies the corresponding requirements for each type of certificate (marked with "X")

The quiet forum acknowledges that the established quality systems, such as ISO9001, ISO9002, QS9000 and tickit, can be transited to TL9000 if they have passed the above quality system certification. The quiet forum specifies the transition mode and auditor days from the above quality assurance system to TL9000.

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