CE certification process and executive standard of sunglasses

2020-06-04 19:12:35 nsn

CE certification process and executive standard of sunglasses:

According to the EU resolution on sunglasses, sunglasses meeting the original EU standard EN 1836 can still be sold in the EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein before February 28, 2015, and sunglasses meeting the new standard EN ISO 12312-1 can also be sold. As of March 1, 2015, all Sunglasses sold in the above markets must comply with the new standard EN ISO 12312-1.

The new standard EN ISO 12312 initially set a transition period of less than six months and is expected to regulate Sunglasses entering these markets in the spring and summer of 2014. However, after receiving the requests from many stakeholders, the European Commission held detailed consultations and published the resolution in the official journal of the European Union.

The resolution extends the transition period of the new standard EN ISO 12312-1 for sunglasses by one year, i.e. the deadline for the transition period is extended from February 28, 2014 to February 28, 2015. During the transition period, it meets the original standard EN 1836:2005 + A1:2007 or the new standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013 sunglasses can be identified as meeting the basic health and safety requirements of the personal protective equipment (PPE) Directive 89 / 686 / EEC. The resolution eased the pressure on stakeholders to test and change labels in accordance with the new standards.