Test of elevated floor project en12825 project

2020-06-04 19:13:32 nsn

Test of elevated floor project en12825 project test:

Detection of formaldehyde content in high floor testing of anti-static floor

impact strength 

24 hour load test

Anti static floor uniform load test stand high floor limit load test high floor impact test stand high floor support vertical load stand high floor anti stripping test stand high floor beam load test stand high board durability test stand high board conductivity test stand high board anti-static test stand high board impact test stand high board anti-corrosion performance test static floor test The testing and testing of all steel elevated network floor takes professional testing as its own duty, and provides you with various testing items. I wish your products go out of the country and go to the world

EN 12825:2001 test program summary:

Bearing test, vertical load of support, permanent deformation test, hardware impact, soft impact, size deviation, anti-corrosion protection, surface anti stripping, reaction with fire, fire resistance reaction, electrostatic conductivity, electric shock hazard, sound insulation test, heat conduction test