CE certification of electronic and electrical products

2020-06-15 10:06:17 nsn

Scope of products for CE certification of electronic and electrical products

Designed to use electrical equipment with rated voltage of AC 50V to 1000V and DC 75V to 1500V, including household and similar equipment, lighting fixtures, low-voltage appliances, wires and cables, electric tools, small power motors, safety transformers and similar equipment, etc., CE certification of LVD instruction is required.

Electrical appliances that may generate electromagnetic disturbance or whose performance may be affected by such disturbance, such as audio and video equipment, information technology equipment, computer and peripheral equipment, etc., shall be subject to CE certification of EMC directive.

A product or related component that uses the spectrum of ground / air wireless communication to communicate by transmitting and / or receiving radio waves, such as telephone, mobile phone, remote control, data terminal, multimedia terminal, telecommunication terminal and other equipment, which needs CE certification of rtte instruction.

Technical documents to be submitted for CE certification of electronic and electrical products

1. Product instructions.

2. Safety design documents (including key structural drawings, i.e. design drawings that can reflect creepage distance, clearance, number and thickness of insulation layers).

3. Product technical conditions (or enterprise standards).

4. Product electrical schematic diagram.

5. Product circuit diagram.

6. List of key components or raw materials (please select products with European certification mark).

7. Copy of certification of complete machine or component.

8. Other required information.


1. Relevant documents shall be in Chinese and English.

2. In order to shorten the certification cycle, the information provided should preferably be in the form of electronic documents.

3. In the process of certification, in view of some special circumstances, the enterprise may need to supplement other relevant information.

Application procedure for CE certification of electronic and electrical products

1. The manufacturer shall submit an oral or written preliminary application to the testing and Certification Center (hereinafter referred to as the Certification Center).

2. The applicant shall fill in the CE certification application form, and send the application form, product instruction and technical documents to the Certification Center (if necessary, the applicant company shall also provide a prototype).

3. The Certification Center shall determine the inspection standards and inspection items and make quotation.

4. The applicant shall confirm the quotation and send the samples and relevant technical documents to the certification center.

5. The applicant shall provide technical documents.

6. The Certification Center shall issue a charge notice to the applicant, and the applicant shall pay the certification fee according to the charge notice.

7. The Certification Center shall conduct product test and review the technical documents.

8. Review of technical documents includes:

A. whether the documents are complete.

B. whether the document is written in the official language of the European Community (English, German or French).

9. If the technical documents are incomplete or do not use the specified language, the certification center will inform the applicant to improve.

10. If the test fails, the certification center will inform the applicant in time to allow the applicant to improve the product. So, until the test is qualified. The applicant shall change the technical data in the original application to reflect the actual situation after the change.

11. The certification center will issue a supplement to the applicant for the rectification costs involved in Articles 9 and 10 of this page

Notice of charges.

12. The applicant shall pay the rectification fee according to the supplementary charge notice.

13. The Certification Center shall provide the applicant with test report or technical document (TCF), CE conformity certificate (COC) and CE mark.

14. The applicant shall sign the CE assurance self declaration and affix the CE mark on the product.