Toy export certification in the world - USA

2020-06-15 10:05:19 nsn

ASTM International (International Organization of American Society for testing and materials) is the largest voluntary Conformance Standard Setting Organization in the world, providing reliable technical standards in materials, products, systems and services for the public. ASTM is famous for its high technology and quality, strong market relevance. It provides guidance for the design, manufacturing and trade of the global economy, and plays an important role in the construction of information infrastructure.

ASTM-F963 (user safety code for toy safety) American toy mandatory requirements specification. CPSC consumer product safety committee. He is a federal government agency in the United States, whose main responsibility is to establish standards and regulations for the safety of the use of consumer products and supervise their implementation. Taking children's toys as an example, the toys have passed ASTM-F963, but CPSC will carry out spot check on their product items according to the complaints of consumers, and assess the existing or potential risks and hazards of children's toys to prevent children from being damaged. This kind of inspection is not to be difficult for enterprises, but to be responsible for consumers; it is not to check the production quality of enterprises, but to check the safety of products in use.

Physical and mechanical properties test

Flame retardant test

Heavy metal content test (eight toxic elements and total lead content test)

Electric toy safety ASTM F963 + B / 0 test

FCC test for electromagnetic compatibility of electric toys

FCC test of wireless remote control toys