Common standards for personal protective equipment (PPE)

2020-06-04 19:36:31 nsn

Product products

CE certification standard

Half masks and quarter masks

Respiratory half mask and quarter mask

EN 140

Gas cylinder valves

Breathing air cylinder valve

EN 144

Filtering half masks

Breathing filter half mask

EN 149

Fire escape hood

Escape mask

EN 403

Protective spectacles

Protective glasses

EN 166, EN 167, EN 168


Sun glasses

EN 1836

Welding filters

Protective goggles for electric welding

EN 169

Welding mask

Electric welding mask

EN 175

EN 379

Industrial safety helmets

Industrial safety helmet

EN 397

Ski helmet

Ski helmet

EN 1077

pedal cyclists and roller skaters helmet

Scooter helmets and skating helmets

EN 1078

Children helmet

Children's helmets

EN 1080

Equestrian helmet

Equestrian helmet

EN 1384



EN 352-1

Ear plugs


EN 352-2

Full body harnesses

High landing harness

EN 361

Fall arrest systems

Drop brake system

EN 363

chemicals and micro-organisms Protective gloves

Chemical and microbiological protective gloves

EN 374

Radiation protective gloves

Radiation proof gloves

EN 421

Protective gloves for firefighters

Fireman's protective gloves

EN 659

Cold protection ensembles and garment

Winter clothes

EN 342

Rain protection clothing


EN 343

hand-held chainsaws protective clothing

Chain saw protective clothing

EN 381


Body saving clothes

EN 393, EN 395, EN 396, EN 399

High-visibility warning clothing

High visibility clothing

EN 471

Heat and flame protective clothing

fire-proof suit

EN 533

Anti-static clothing

Antistatic clothing

EN 1149

chemical protective clothing

Chemical protective clothing

EN 13034