CE certification for doors and windows

2020-06-04 19:47:47 nsn

. what is the door and window CE mark?

CE mark is a compulsory certification mark for some products in the European market in terms of basic health and safety requirements. The European Commission has set basic requirements for family doors and windows, and the standards are coordinated throughout the European economic region.

All door and window manufacturers in Europe or outside Europe must meet the requirements of CE marking after February 1, 2007 to make the products available in the European market. Therefore, European consumers believe that CE mark is a symbol of product performance and quality assurance.

2. Introduction of CE certification for doors and windows

Doors and windows must be CE marked when placed on the European market.

The requirements are mainly for wind resistance, water tightness, air permeability, bearing capacity of safety equipment, sound absorption performance and thermal conductivity.

CE certification standards for doors and windows are as follows:

EN 14351-1: doors and windows - product standards, performance characteristics - Part 1: windows and external departments without flame retardant or smoke-proof functions

From February 1, 2007, doors and windows exported to Europe must be CE marked.

3. Steps for CE certification of doors and windows

Generally, the applicant submits the application form to our company (Shanghai bobbijie equipment testing Technical Service Co., Ltd.) – our engineers analyze the product materials and determine the test items – the applicant signs an agreement with our company – the applicant submits samples to the authorized laboratory according to the requirements of the standards and agreements – the laboratory tests the products and issues reports and certificates – The manufacturer pastes CE mark according to the test results

4. Generally speaking, product qualification includes the following aspects:

-Certification - self certification or third party certification

-Declaration of conformity at customs

-CE mark on the product

-Hold test reports to support and certify compliance records

-Always keep up to date with the latest directives & Standards