CE certification for door and window hardware

2020-06-04 19:48:28 nsn

CE certification for door closer, hinge, panic exit equipment, emergency exit equipment, electronic control switchgear)

1. Introduction to CE certification of door and window hardware

If the door and window hardware put into the EU market does not meet the requirements of the building directive, it is a crime. For the hardware used in fire, smoke and escape doors, CE marking is the simplest way to prove qualified. The building management office or other approved auditors or trade standards office will require a certificate of conformity.

The following table shows the relevant products and standards, and the time when the standards began to be enforced.



date of application

Mandatory date

Door closer

Panic exit device

Emergency exit equipment

Single axis hinge

Electronic control switchgear

EN 1154

EN 1125

EN 179

EN 1935

EN 1155











2. Introduction to CE certification of door closer

STANDARD EN 1154 describes the requirements for door closer control equipment for revolving doors. This device is installed in the door frame, inside the door or on the floor. The scope is limited to the closing equipment of manually opening the door, that is, the power of closing the door comes from people opening the door, then releasing the door, and the door returns to the closed position in a controlled way.

Standard en1154 describes two applicable classes for fire / smoke doors or non fire / smoke doors:

-Class 0: door closer not suitable for fire / smoke doors

-Grade 1: the door closer applicable to fire / smoke door shall pass the fire resistance test together with the fire door and refer to the fire protection standard.

There are additional requirements for door closer equipment for fire / smoke doors:

1) When installing the door closer according to the manufacturer's requirements, the tested door should be able to be opened from any angle. Size 1 and 2 closers are not suitable for fire / smoke doors due to their small closing torque and no adjustable closing force. Door closers with adjustable force for fire / smoke doors must be a minimum of size 3.

2) The fire test of door closer must be carried out together with the door installation according to the standard en1634-1 or en1634-3.

3. CE certification process

The manufacturer takes samples and sends them to the certification body - certification body conducts initial type test and comes to the factory for review - certification body issues test report and certificate - after that, the manufacturer sends samples to the certification body for test every year

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