Hand sanitizer CE certification

2020-06-06 21:19:22 nsn

Provide hand sanitizer CE certification:

En1500:1997 test methods and regulations for hand rubbing of chemical disinfectants and disinfectants

EN 1500 is a European Standard Test Method for evaluating the efficacy of hand washing by measuring contamination and the number of viable bacteria remaining on fingertips after hand rubbing. It is defined as a treatment that can wipe hands without adding water. This method is specially used to simulate the conditions for determining whether the hand sanitizer can reduce the instantaneous release of bacteria on the hand.

EN 1500: Program Overview

In this test, volunteers' hands were randomly assigned to a reference control product or to an evaluated sanitary hand wash. After initial cleaning with soft soap to remove natural instantaneous microorganisms, the hands of the subjects were thoroughly wiped dry with paper towels.

Typically, prepackaged pure culture of non pathogenic strains of E.coli scherichia is used as inoculum for this test method. The subjects immersed their fingers in a certain amount of inoculum until the middle of carpal bone, lasting for 5 seconds. Then let the hand dry for 3 minutes, and then rub it into the culture dish with the sterile trypsin so soybean broth (TSB) to sample, so as to obtain the value of the living bacteria existing on the hand.

The samples were then diluted and spread on trypsin soybean agar (TSA) medium, incubated at 36 ± 1 ° C for 18-24 hours, counted, and then incubated for another 24 hours to detect any potential slow-growing colonies.

This standard is determined by comparing the average count of viable microbial colonies forming a certain amount of variables with the average count after exposure to hand cleaning.

EN 1276:1997, Quantitative suspension test for testing the bactericidal effect of disinfectants and preservatives in food industry, industry, household and public place equipment

·EN 1650:1980, Quantitative suspension test for fungicidal action of disinfectants and preservatives in food industry, industry, household and public place equipment

En1499:1997 chemical disinfectants and antiseptics - hand sanitizers - Test methods and requirements

·Article 21 of the food, drug and cosmetic law of the European Union