Information to be submitted for CE certification

2020-06-06 21:19:50 nsn

CE certification generally requires the following information:

1. Name, trade name and address of manufacturer (EU authorized representative (EU authorized agent) AR).

2. Model and number of the product.

3. Product instructions.

4. Safety design documents (key structural drawings, i.e. design drawings that can reflect creepage distance, clearance, number and thickness of insulation layers).

5. Product technical conditions (or enterprise standards).

6. Product electrical schematic diagram.

7. Product circuit diagram.

8. List of key components or raw materials.

9. Test report.

10. Relevant certificates issued by EU authorized certification body Nb (for other modes other than mode a).

11. The registration certificate of the product in the EU (for some products, such as class I medical devices, general IVD in vitro diagnostic medical devices).

12. CE declaration of conformity (DOC).