The range of building materials we can make

2020-06-06 21:18:27 nsn

1、    Building board: paper faced gypsum board, steel wire mesh cement board, pressurized aerated concrete board, cement sawdust board, Alcoa curved decorative board, fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board, glass magnesium plate, steel wire mesh cement polystyrene sandwich board, metal faced polystyrene sandwich board, metal faced polyurethane sandwich board, metal faced rock wool sandwich board, concrete hollow light wall board, gypsum hollow strip board Fiber reinforced cement light porous partition board, construction paper grass board, slag cotton decorative sound-absorbing board, expanded perlite decorative sound-absorbing board, etc.

2. Brick and tile block: sintered tile, concrete tile, fiber-reinforced polyester corrugated tile, linoleum tile, fiber-reinforced magnesium oxychloride cement corrugated tile, red mud weather resistant plastic corrugated tile, asbestos cement corrugated tile, cement tile, concrete pavement brick, cinder brick, fly ash brick, hollow brick, sintered brick, wall brick, gypsum block, concrete block, fly ash block, etc.

3、    Plastic products: UPVC profiles for door and window frames, PVC doors and windows, plastic floors, plastic films, UPVC laminates, UPVC extruded sheets, ABS extruded sheets, polypropylene laminated sheets, UPVC extruded profiles for interior decoration, UPVC skirting boards, UPVC stair handrails, soft PVC decorative films, plastic runways Sun board, floor leather, floor drain, plastic seat ring of toilet, etc.

4. Natural stone, ceramic and artificial stone: all kinds of industrial ceramics, building ceramic tiles, sanitary ceramics, natural stone, artificial stone, microcrystalline stone (glass), cast stone, sanitary ware and accessories, hardware accessories and other new materials.

5、    Thermal insulation materials: polymer mortar for external thermal insulation, anti cracking mortar, plaster glue, thermal insulation adhesive, external thermal insulation anchor bolt, fiberglass mesh cloth for external thermal insulation, thermal insulation slurry, polystyrene foam for insulation, rigid polyurethane foam for building, phenolic foam plastic, rubber and plastic products, polyurethane foam plastic directly buried insulation pipe, expanded perlite insulation products, silicic acid. Calcium adiabatic products, aluminium silicate cotton products for thermal insulation, rock wool and slag surface products for insulation, glass wool products for insulation, foam glass insulation products, silicate composite insulation coatings, expanded vermiculite products, etc.

6. Fiber products: glass fiber roving, glass fiber roving, glass fiber plastic coated mesh, glass fiber mesh, alkali resistant glass fiber mesh, glass fiber chopped strand mat.

7. Reinforcement materials: carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber board, resin for carbon fiber, rebar planting glue, steel bonding reinforcement glue, chemical anchor bolt, metal anchor bolt, expansion bolt, nylon expansion bolt, etc.

8. Geotechnical materials: geotextile, polyethylene geomembrane, PVC geomembrane, plastic geogrid, bentonite waterproof blanket, permeable pipe, etc.

9. Metal materials: expansion bolt, high-strength bolt, corner bolt, T-bolt, fastener, embedded part, aluminum alloy building profile, stainless steel building profile, light steel keel for building, color coated steel plate and steel strip, metal ceiling, furniture hardware, door and window hardware, health room accessories, sanitary hardware, welding ball, bolt ball, etc.

10. Water roll: PVC waterproof roll, asphalt waterproof roll, rubber waterproof roll, elastomer modified asphalt waterproof roll, plastic modified asphalt waterproof roll, polymer waterproof material, waterstop, water swelling rubber, etc.

11. Three properties of doors and windows: wind pressure resistance, air tightness, water tightness test of doors and windows laboratory, wind pressure resistance, air tightness and water tightness test of project site.

12. Engineering inspection: field pull-out test of planting bar glue, chemical anchor bolt, expansion bolt, field adhesion test of carbon fiber, field adhesion test of ceramic tile.

13. Acoustic test: sound insulation test and absorption coefficient test of building materials (reverberation chamber method and standing wave tube method).

14. Fire test: non combustible (Class A) test, non combustible (Class B1) test and combustible (class B2) test of building materials.