How to apply for Nordic Ecolabel certification of Nordic White Swan and obtain certification through three steps

2020-06-06 21:17:49 nsn

How to apply for Nordic Ecolabel certification of Nordic White Swan and obtain certification through three steps

You can apply for Nordic Swan eco labels for many different product categories - all designed to enable consumers and businesses to choose between the best goods and services for the environment.

Three steps to certification

1.      Fill-in applicationform and submit

1. Fill in the application form and submit it

Find your product group to view standards and download application forms and related documents. Complete the entire form and the associated statement, if required. This helps ensure that your application is complete and can be processed quickly. The application form should be sent to the application email address of the eco label organization in your country.

You can apply for multiple products at the same time, if the products are produced in different places, but they usually need to be certified separately. In this case, you need to fill out several application forms.

2.  Application review

Application for review

The national eco label organization makes every effort to provide you with the application status within three weeks after receiving the application, and inform you whether you need more documents or whether you need to change the content related to the product to meet the requirements of the Nordic White Swan eco label. All applications are treated confidentially.

If all the documents meet the requirements, the national eco label organization will contact you for appointment inspection to ensure that the actual production meets the content described in the document.

If things seem to be in order, a technical review of your application will be initiated.

3.  Certification


When your application has passed the technical review and the final management details have been processed, you will be certified.

Certification means that you can start to use the Nordic Swan ecological label on your products or services related to you according to the rules and regulations of the products and services of the Nordic Swan ecological label.

Typically, the national eco label organization will take two to six months to process your application. If the processing time is long, it is usually due to the lack of files with one or more important points. Your application is valid for one year, after which it will be cancelled if all relevant documents are not received. You are welcome to submit your new application at any time.

How to register in multiple countries

If you wish to sell your products or services in a country where you are not registered for sale at the time of application, you must notify the national eco label organization.

If your product belongs to the product group covered by the Nordic charging system, your Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification will be valid in all countries. However, you must always report the estimated annual revenues for the countries you sell and for each country in the Nordic Region - as well as the total budgeted revenues for countries outside the Nordic region. You can do this by sending an email to your national eco label organization containing information about new markets and estimated revenues.

If you have a service certification, the certification generally applies only to the countries where you apply for Nordic Swan Ecolab. If you need cross-border services - for example, textile services, textile cleaning, printing and photo services - you can choose to register for sale in multiple countries.

You must apply to a certified national eco label organization for service sales registration in another country. You must complete the entire application form and check the box in the license extension field and provide your license number. At the same time, you must indicate the country / region in which you want to provide the service and the number of sales you want in a calendar year.