What are CE certification test items and application standards for flooring

2020-06-06 21:16:56 nsn

Floor CE certification

Floor, that is, the surface layer of the floor or floor of a house. Made of wood or other material. The floor can be classified into many kinds according to different standards. Floor is also exported to the European Union like most kinds of products, which requires CE certification.

According to the Directive 89 / 106 / EEC (CPD construction products directive), floor products exported to European countries need to pass the European compulsory CE certification, in which the enforcement date of solid wood floor is March 1, 2008, and the enforcement date of laminate floor is January 1, 2007. Today, the editor will give you a brief introduction of what items need to be tested for floor CE certification and the standards to be used.

The above is the test items and application standards of floor CE certification summarized by the small compilation. If you want to apply for floor CE certification or learn more about floor CE certification