CE certification of PPE for head protection articles

2020-06-06 21:16:30 nsn

Workers need to wear safety helmets when working in the construction site or production workshop; sports enthusiasts should wear ski helmets, ice hockey helmets, bicycle helmets, motorcycle helmets when carrying out skiing, skating, cycling, sports and other activities; firefighters need to wear fire Helmets

Industrial protective helmets, fire helmets, sports protective helmets, etc., which are exported to Europe, America, Australia and other regions, all belong to the category of compulsory product certification.

Modern helmets are mainly composed of helmet shell, lining and suspension system.

Helmets are generally tested for impact buffer, puncture test, flame retardancy, current resistance, chin retention, marking, etc.

Common test standards are:

EN ISO 10256:2003 head and face protection for ice hockey

EN 13277-4:2001 martial arts protectors - Part 4: Additional requirements and test methods for head protectors

EN 397:1995 / A1:2000 industrial safety helmets

EN 443:1997 firemen's helmets

EN 966:1996 / A1:2000 helmet for airborne motion

EN 1077:1996 ski helmet

EN 1078:1997 / A1:2005 helmets for scooters and skaters

EN 1080:1997 / a2:2005 impact helmets for children

EN 1384:1996 / A1:2001 riding helmets

EN 1385:1997 / A1:2005 wooden boats and water sports helmets

EN 12492:2000 / A1:2002 helmets for mountaineers - Safety requirements and test methods

EN 13484:2001 small ski helmet

EN 13781:2001 protective helmets for drivers and passengers of snowmobiles and sleds

EN 14052:2005 high performance industrial helmets

ANSI z89.1 American standard requirements for industrial safety helmets

CPSC 16 CFR 1203 Consumer Product Safety Association - Safety Standard for bicycle helmets

ASTM f1045 ice hockey protective helmet

ASTM f1163 riding sports protective helmet

Nocsae-nd022 specification for baseball helmets

CSA z94.1 Canadian industrial protective helmet