CE test and CE certification of fire products

2020-06-04 19:06:09 nsn

CE certification of fire products is the safety certification of imported fire products from EU. The fire products include fixed fire products, sprinklers, fire hoses, alarm wet valve components, fire hydrants, fire alarms and other products exported to EU are subject to CE certification.

Fire water pipe test standard:

En14540 - Fire Hose - non permeable flat hose fixing system

EN 694 - fire hoses - semi rigid hoses for fixed systems

The certification standards of different products are different, so it is called CE certification. How to apply for CE certification of fire products? What is the process?

CE certification process of fire products:

1. Product technical data (product manual, drawing, list of spare parts, etc.)

2. Determine the test standards (in line with the regulatory standards of the European Union)

3. Establish technical documents and test products,

4. Sign documents and issue CE certificate

5. CE shall be added to the product as required