White Swan certified Nordic Swan

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White Swan certified Nordic Swan

1、 Introduction

The White Swan label is the first multinational cooperative environmental labeling program in the world. The Nordic environmental labeling program is neutral and independent, which ensures that environmental labeling products meet high-quality environmental standards. Other qualified products can also be awarded environmental standards. The logo is symbolized by the white swan of Nordic Commission under the green background, with the words "environmental logo" expressed in Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish at the top, and the following is a brief description of the reasons for selection. The latest version 5.0 standard will be implemented in June 2019.

The purpose of Nordic environmental standard program is to provide consumers with consumption guidelines to help consumers select products and corresponding services with the least environmental impact from the market, and to consider environmental issues as well as quality issues so as to promote product improvement.

In Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland, the scheme is managed by the national authority, which is organized by the Nordic collaboration Council. Members of the authority act as agents for consumer and environmental authorities, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and trade and industry, research institutions. Among them, the Nordic Committee for environmental standards collaboration makes decisions for products to obtain environmental standards, and makes final standard certification for various product groups. In Norway, the environmental standards agency is the main responsible agency. In Sweden and Finland, the agency is part of the national standards organization. In Iceland, the agency is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of environment. They are all subsidized by Nordic governments. They are also appointed by the competent government departments to participate in the promulgation of EU environmental standards.

In general, all consumption will affect the environment, but in contrast, some products will have less impact on the environment. These products may bear the White Swan logo of northern Europe. Choosing eco label products means protecting the environment while ensuring the quality and function of products.

*** In Sweden, the application of standards and licensing is carried out by the SIS eco labeling agency. These standards were developed in consultation with industry representatives, environmental organizations and government agencies.

Nordic White Swan labels are funded by congressional subsidies and fees paid by companies that obtain eco label products (0.4% of annual sales). The operation of the organization belongs to non industry and non-profit organization.

The Nordic White Swan label evaluates the environmental impact of the product throughout its life cycle from raw materials to waste products. For example, we have requirements for the consumption of energy and resources, the emission of waste gas, sewage and waste from factories, and the harmful environmental components inherent in the products themselves. In addition, the label also has requirements on product quality and function. All in all, standards have been established for each group of products. These requirements for products are based on the environmental protection factors related to the product life cycle. To obtain a license to use the label, the applicant must meet the requirements of the relevant standard documents.

The application of Nordic White Swan label is generally considered to be necessary and beneficial in product field. The inspection agency will verify whether the product meets the requirements of the White Swan label in northern Europe through independent laboratory, certificate and document testing, and will visit the enterprise for further inspection.

The label is usually valid for three years, after which a new request will be made and the enterprise should reapply. If the product fails to meet these requirements, the license will be withdrawn. This ensures that with the development of science and technology and the emergence of new research results, products are more environmentally friendly.

2. Eco label license

Having an eco label license means that everyone has the right to use the Nordic eco label in all participating countries, subject to legal restrictions. These permission rights are granted by the state-level ecological labeling agency according to the laws and regulations.

The eco label license is issued to the products that meet the requirements. If the products have extremely similar environmental protection conditions, a license can cover several products in a product group. Ecological label

The transfer of the license must be approved by the eco label organization.

Nordic eco labeling agencies do not assume responsibility for the products to the licensees from third parties, and the licensees are responsible for all expenses incurred by eco labeling agencies if the products do not meet the requirements.

Validity of ecological label license

The validity period of the license is limited by the documents of relevant standards. In order to obtain the license consistent with the document terms of the improved standards, it is necessary to reapply. The license holder must be informed according to the time specified in the standard document

New standard requirements. If the validity period of standard documents is extended without any change, there is no need to reapply, and the national ecological labeling agency is obliged to extend the validity period of the license.

In special cases, if the Nordic eco labelling Commission decides to withdraw or re-establish the standard based on the new and important knowledge about environmental impact and health and within the expected validity period

Major changes, the eco label agency reserves the right to revoke all licenses.

When dealing with a license application and license situation, it must be handled according to the requirements of the version of regulations and standard documents applied to the license application date.

3. Registration

Use of Nordic eco labels for other participating countries. In discussion