Introduction to CE certification of protective glasses

2020-06-04 19:10:31 nsn

Introduction to CE certification of protective glasses:

Glasses are the necessities of our life. Different glasses will be used in different occasions. Each kind of glasses needs different standards. According to the corresponding standards of different glasses used by most people at present, for reference!

CE certification standards for all kinds of glasses:

En166 general protective glasses

En174 goggles for downhill skiing

En175 eye and face protection equipment during welding

En208 laser or lens protective equipment for laser system adjustment

En379 automatic welding filter

En1731 protective mask

EN1836 sunglasses and general purpose solar filters and filters for direct observation of the sun

En1938 goggles for motorcycles and mopeds

En13178 eye protection for snowball users,

Eniso12870 ophthalmic optics - Spectacle frames - Requirements and test methods

EN ISO 14889 ophthalmic optics - spectacle lenses - basic requirements for unpolished lenses

Glasses CE certification process:

1. Application

The applicant fills in the application form

Fill in company information

Provide product information

2. Offer

Quotation according to application documents

3. Provide samples

The applicant confirms the quotation, signs the contract, pays the money, and provides samples

4. Test passed, report completed

5. Issue CE certification report certificate.

6. The product is labeled with CE.

For eye and face protection products exported to EU, it is required to have compulsory CE certification mark. CE mark is a compulsory certification mark for some products in the European market in terms of basic health and safety requirements. The European Commission has established basic requirements for eye and face protection products, and the standards are coordinated throughout the European economic region.