CE certification of furniture

2020-06-04 19:32:22 nsn

Product range included:

Office furniture: office chair, guest chair, meeting table

Garden furniture: Garden armchair, garden table, swing chair

Children's furniture: Children's bed, crib, high chair

Kitchen furniture: folding table, folding chair

Bed: folding bed, double bed

Testing of harmful substances and restricted substances in furniture accessories:

Analysis of azo and organic volatiles

Heavy metal, organotin

Formaldehyde and nickel emission

Pentachlorophenol, phthalate

Disperse dyes, lead and cadmium content

Flame retardant, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon

PH value, nonylphenol


Furniture accessories performance test:

Color fatigue test, corrosion resistance test

Aging test, fatigue life test

Test according to customer requirements .

Some test standards for furniture:

(BS) DD CEN / TS 15185-2006 furniture - Assessment of surface friction resistance

(BS) DD ENV 12520-2000 furniture - seats - Mechanical and structural safety requirements

(BS) DD ENV 13759-2001 furniture - seats - Test Method for the determination of the durability of reclining and / or reclining mechanisms and operating mechanisms for sofa beds

(BS) DD ENV 581-2-2000 outdoor furniture - tables and chairs for camping, domestic and working use - Mechanical safety requirements and test methods for tables and chairs

(BS) en 1021-1:2006 furniture - Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture - ignition sources of burning cigarettes

(BS) en 1021-2:2006 furniture - Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture - ignition sources equivalent to match flames

(BS) en 1022-2005 household furniture - seats - Determination of stability

(BS) en 1129-1:1995 furniture - folding beds - safety technical requirements and test methods - Safety requirements

(BS) en 12720-1997 furniture - Assessment of surface cold liquid resistance

(BS) en 12722-1997 furniture - Assessment of surface resistance to dry heat

(BS) en 13453-1:2004 furniture - double and high beds for non domestic use - Requirements for safety, strength and durability

(BS) en 14749-2006 furniture and kitchen storage equipment and countertops - Safety requirements and test methods

Please call for other standards.