CE certification of PPE for eye protection articles

2020-06-04 20:06:02 nsn

People should protect their eyes and face properly in the process of work, study and exercise.

Eye protection products include sunglasses, industrial goggles, goggles (Google), etc.

Facial protective equipment usually plays a role in protecting eyes at the same time, such as welding mask, fencing mask, etc.

Eye protection equipment needs to perform lens optical test, UV filter test, flame retardant test, impact resistance test, puncture resistance test, etc.

Common export certification standards are:

EN 166 Personal eye protection, definitions

EN 167 Personal eye protection, optical test methods

EN 168 Personal eye protection, non optical test methods

EN 169 Personal eye protection, welding goggles

EN 170 Personal eye protection, UV transmission requirements

EN 171 Personal eye protection, infrared transmission requirements

EN 172 Personal eye protection, industrial sun protection glasses

EN 174 Personal eye protection, ski goggles

EN 379 specification for electric welding masks

ANSI Z87.1 requirements for occupational eye protection equipment in the United States

ANSI z80.3 American Sunglasses standard

As / NZS 1067 Australian standard for sunglasses

As / NZS 1337 Australian standard for industrial eye protection equipment

CSA z94.3 Canadian Industrial eye protection equipment specification