CE certification for PPE class of hearing protection articles

2020-06-06 21:23:48 nsn

Excessive noise in many industrial and personal environments, such as workers in construction sites, DJs in ballrooms, aircraft noise, etc., may cause health hazards to operators or listeners. Nowadays, the noise level of workers' working environment should not be higher than 80 decibels. In an environment higher than 87 decibels, workers need to install sound-absorbing ceiling above their work.

Personal hearing protection equipment includes earplugs, earmuffs, etc. The tests to be passed generally include size, flame retardancy, minimum noise reduction, marking and instruction information.

EN 352-1: earmuffs

EN 352-2: earplugs

EN 352-3: earplugs attached to industrial safety helmets

EN 352-4: earphone sheath according to sound intensity

EN 352-5: earmuffs to reduce active sound

EN 352-6: earmuffs with electronic input

EN 352-7: earplugs according to sound intensity

ANSI s3.19 true ear hearing protection equipment noise reduction and physical noise reduction of earmuffs, measurement standard

ANSI s12.6 true ear attenuation of hearing protection equipment