EU CE certification for fireworks and firecrackers export

2020-06-06 21:24:44 nsn

Fireworks directive (2007 / 23 / EC) after July 4, 2010, the European Union will implement compulsory certification requirements for fireworks and firecrackers enterprises. Fireworks products without CE certification will not be allowed to circulate in the EU market. Shanghai Bobbie Equipment Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. can help enterprises to solve export trade barriers, and can provide enterprises with professional CE certification. Fireworks standard en15947 Parts one to five.

Scope of CE certification for fireworks and firecrackers

(a) CE certification scope of fireworks

Class I: fireworks with very low risk, very low noise and used in enclosed areas such as indoor buildings.

The second category: fireworks with low risk, low noise and used outdoors.

The third category: fireworks with medium risk and noise that will not affect people's health and used in outdoor open areas.

The fourth category: fireworks with high risk and noise impact on people's health, which can only be used by experts. Generally, such fireworks are only used as professional applications.

(b) Scope of CE certification for stage pyrotechnic products

Class T1: stage pyrotechnic products with low hazard.

T2: stage fireworks products with professional knowledge.

(c) CE certification scope of other pyrotechnic products

Class P1: pyrotechnic products with low risk and different from fireworks and stage pyrotechnic products.

P2: pyrotechnic products with professional knowledge and different from fireworks and stage pyrotechnic products.

Classification of fireworks and firecrackers in China

Fireworks and firecrackers are divided into the following 14 categories according to the structure of the product and the movement form after being set off

Spray type: products mainly used to spray flames and sparks when burning.

Rotation type: the product whose main body rotates but does not lift off during the fire.

Lift off class: the product that the main body is oriented to lift off when burning.

Rotary lift type: the product of self rotary lift when burning.

Spitting beads: the products with multiple color beads, color flowers, sound and other effects are regularly developed from the same cylinder during the burning.

Line incense: products formed by wrapping gunpowder with decorative paper or tissue paper cylinder or coating gunpowder on iron wire, bamboo pole, wood pole or paper piece.

Smoke type: the product mainly produces smoke effect when it is burned.

Modeling toys: products whose shell is made into various shapes, which can imitate the image or action created during or after burning; or products whose appearance has no shape, but can produce a certain image during or after burning.

Friction type: directly detonate the main body's products by means of impact, friction, etc.

Small fireworks: products that are placed on the ground when being set off, which are fired from the main body (single barrel inner diameter < 76mm) and produce the effect of bead flower, sound, flute sound or floating objects in the air.

Fireworks bombs: the products with various light colors, patterns and other effects erupted in the air from the special launching tools (the inner diameter of the launching cylinder ≥ 76mm).

Shelf fireworks: products with fireworks position fixed and direction set off by frame.

Firecracker: single or multiple firecracker products.

Combination fireworks: fireworks products composed of multiple single tubes.

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