CE certification for PPE of respiratory protective equipment

2020-06-04 20:14:27 nsn

People in underwater, mining, fire, medical research and other places, due to lack of oxygen or unclean air and other reasons, need to wear respiratory protective equipment, short for respirator.

There are many types of respirators, including SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus), gas masks, dust masks (such as masks), CO gas filter self rescuers, all gas filter self rescuers, escape masks, etc.

The tests that the respirator needs to pass usually include: fire prevention, leakage, CO adsorption capacity, CO2 concentration, filtration efficiency, respiratory resistance, etc.

Common certification standards are:

EN 136 complete breathing mask

EN 137 complete open circuit compressed air breathing equipment

EN 139 compressed air line ba - full or half mask or mask

EN 142 respiratory protective equipment - microphone devices

EN 143 particulate filter

EN 145 complete closed-circuit beard equipment, compressed oxygen or compressed oxygen nitrogen type

EN 149 filter dust half mask

EN 250 open circuit complete compressed air diving equipment

EN 269 supply fresh air pipe Ba, head cover

EN 402 escape self contained open circuit respirator Ba, full face mask or mask

EN 403 filtration equipment for fire escape - requirements, tests, marking

EN 404 self rescue filter escaping from carbon monoxide with microphone

EN 405 filter mask with valve

EN 1146 self rescue self contained open circuit Ba, head set

EN 1827 filter half mask without suction valve

EN 12083 filter with breathing hose

EN 12941 power supply filter - helmet or headgear

EN 12942 power supply filter - full or half mask or quarter mask

EN 14387 combined gas filtration

EN 14593-1 compressed air pipe Ba automatic oxygen supply valve - full cover

EN 14593-2 compressed air pipe Ba automatic oxygen supply valve - half mask

EN 14594 compressed air pipe ba - continuous air flow

ASTM f2101 test method for microbial filtration efficiency of medical masks

ASTM f2299 test method for particulate filtration efficiency of medical masks

As / NZS 1716 Australian respiratory protective equipment code

N95 classification of filtration efficiency of American Occupational Safety and Health Association