CE certification of PPE for limb protective equipment

2020-06-06 21:15:01 nsn

In some working environments, the workers' hands, legs, feet, etc. need to wear protective equipment, such as protective gloves, knee pads, safety shoes, etc. These protective equipment are usually used to protect workers in dangerous environments such as chemical substances, knife cutting, cold, high temperature and current.

The main indexes of safety protection shoes cover the following contents: anti impact, anti piercing performance of the head cover, electrical performance of conductive shoes and anti-static shoes, thermal insulation performance, energy absorption performance of the heel part, and requirements for anti-skid outsole.

The project requirements of kneepad include: hygiene test, dimension test, puncture resistance test, force distribution test, impact resistance test, binding test, waterproof test, human comfort test, etc.

There are some certification standards for hand and foot protective equipment as follows:

EN 374: protective gloves for chemicals and microorganisms

EN 388: personal protective gloves against mechanical hazards

EN 407: protective gloves for thermal hazards (heat and / or fire)

EN 420: protective gloves - General requirements and test methods

EN 421: protective gloves against ionizing radiation and radiation pollution

EN 511: cold proof protective gloves

EN 659: protective gloves for firefighters

EN 1082: protective clothing - Gloves and arm protective clothing against cutting and stabbing by hand knives

EN 12447: protective gloves for welding personnel

EN 13594: professional protective gloves for motorcyclists - Requirements and test methods

EN 14328: protective clothing - Gloves and hand guards against power knife cutting

EN 50237: gloves with mechanical protection against electricity

EN 60903: field work - Gloves with insulating materials

EN 14404: personal protective equipment - kneepad for work in kneeling position

EN 381-3:1996 protective clothing for handsaw users - Part 3: Test methods for footwear

EN 381-8:1997 protective clothing for handsaw users - Part 8: Test methods for long chain saw rubber boots

EN 15090: safety boots for firefighters

EN ISO 17249: safety boots against chainsaw cutting

EN ISO 20345: Safety Boots

EN ISO 20346: protective safety boots

EN ISO 20347: Occupational Safety Boots