CE certification for industrial PVC gloves, dust-free PVC gloves, latex gloves and disposable gloves

2020-06-06 21:06:33 nsn

The CE certification of industrial PVC hand, dust-free PVC gloves, latex gloves and disposable gloves is a very special thing. At the beginning, it was not produced for practical use. Only in modern times, it has become a necessary thing for thermal insulation in cold areas, or for medical anti bacteria and industrial protection. According to the material, there are cotton yarn, plush, leather, etc.; according to the style, there are long, short, single finger, sub finger; there are only ten fingers for protecting the back of the hand, and there are also ten fingers for fully protecting. Some exquisite long gloves or mesh gloves are mainly used for etiquette and decoration. Both men and women wear it, which was popular in the Qing Dynasty.

For the glove industry, the first basic knowledge to master is to produce textile fibers in raw materials! However, there are many kinds of glove fibers with different names, which means that people will never give up. With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more new materials, new technologies and new processes are emerging, and more and more materials are used, but some of them are the most basic knowledge in the industry!

Industrial PVC hand, dust-free PVC gloves, latex gloves, disposable gloves CE certification standards: en420, en480